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Surya Web Solution (SWS) serves as an affordable web and app research and development hub, offering dependable solutions. Urban startups can benefit by reducing office costs and accessing competitive talent.

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We're excited to talk about what you need, like help with a system or finding the right person. This helps us understand your goals better.

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After a thorough discussion of your requirements, we will carefully craft and present the optimal solution tailored to your specific needs.

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Worry not, we're ready to work without payment during the trial phase, allowing you to assess our services risk-free.

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If you're satisfied, we'll assemble a skilled team and commence our project, taking the next steps to fulfill your goals.

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We gladly utilize current technology and tools to facilitate seamless communication and guidance for both our team and projects as needed.

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Our strength

Innovative Developers
Our team of experts make sure that we stand at the forefront of new developments.
Creative Ideas
With visionary concepts, our ingenious web solutions will ensure the success of the project.
Pioneering Technology
With cutting edge tech your project will receive the best our latest tech has to offer.


SWS is an expert-led digital agency that caters to all web-development needs with creative and results-driven solutions.

In Fact

Why should you work with us?

Face to face contact

We're based in Nepal but provide services in the UK and USA as well. We generally prefer having a face to face meeting to ensure we're on the same pagebefore starting on your project.

We work fast

Not because we're much better than anyone else, but, because we use the right tools such as Fuelphp, Laravel, Bootstrap, AngularJS and many more other

Effective communication

We are with you each step of the way, be it via Skype, Email, Twitter or phone ensuring that the project turns out exactly the way you want it to be.

We have people to test

Development isn't complete without pre and post-tests. So, we have an entire team of testers dedicated making sure your project is ready for the real world.

We're not designers

We specialise as developers - no cross-mixing. However, we'll make sure your product looks neat, clean and tidy.

We really really care

We really care about what we do and we're easy to work with. Although we are picky about the projects we work on, once we are committed your project will receive the best expertise possible.

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About us

Surya Web Solution Pvt. Ltd.

SWS Pvt. Ltd.

Surya Web Solutions (ED. 2013), based in Lalitpur, is a leading tech-hub for research in Web Development and Application. SWS consists of a small but dedicated core team of web developers working in confluence with a global network. Running our fully-outfitted HQ from the bustling heart of Kathmandu capital city of nepal, we provide you the rare opportunity of working on an international website; with the added benefit of cutting-edge technology and home-like comfort.

Surya Web Solution
Surya Adhikari

Message from the CEO

Selecting an IT services partner is a foundational decision and one that is likely to cause ripples of impact throughout your organisation for years to come. That decision bears tremendous weight in my mind, encouraging myself and the Surya Web Solution team to bring our very best to each engagement. We don’t start conversations with a pitch. Instead, we take the time to listen to your needs, your goals, and your business objectives — and yes, your technical challenges! For the past 10 years, our team has been learning from and growing with our customers by providing proactive and trusted IT solutions. With that experience comes patience, knowledge, and a solid toolkit that offers flexible solutions to meet the needs of evolving businesses.



Our main focus is on PHP Development and we would like to invite like-minded PHP dev creatives to apply.

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